Rolls-Royce Supply Chain Management Graduate Development Programme

Think planning. Think seamless global operations.

Delivering our customers’ engines and spare parts on time and at minimal cost is a complex and mission critical challenge. But to you it will be an opportunity. A chance to help us deliver the latest ground-breaking innovations and initiatives to customers across the globe.

Our Supply Chain Management Graduate Development Programme is designed to give you an immersive, hands-on experience. You’ll get first class training and support, and you’ll also learn from some of the most respected and highly qualified professionals in their field.

With operations in 50 countries, an order book of over £70 billion, and an ever-evolving chain of people, processes and suppliers – it will be your job to see that it all works together seamlessly and intelligently.  Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, this 18 month programme gives you exposure across the full supply chain. You’ll complete up to five placements, in roles such as Materials Resource Planning and Control, Supply Chain Designer or Master Scheduler. With high quality training, you’ll also develop expertise in areas like resource management and strategy development.

Rolls-Royce is known the world over for high-performance engineering and innovative technologies providing integrated power solutions for customers in the civil and defence aerospace and marine markets. And our Supply Chain Management Graduate Development Programme is the perfect place to launch your big thoughts, ambitions and aspirations, while helping to ensure we continue to create our high performance power solutions and redefine what’s possible.

What we need

We’re looking for graduates with good numerate and relationship management skills

A bachelor’s degree preferably in a numerate discipline, with a strong academic record

What you’ll get

  • Competetive salary and benefit packages
  • Targeted bonusarrangements
  • Excellent pension and insurance arrangements
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Professional and international work environment

How to apply

1. Click on link Rolls-Royce

2. Click «Apply online» at the bottom of the page

3. Apply by 31.10.2016

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