Recruitment Manager – London

Nova Founders Capital is an investment holding headquartered in London and Hong Kong which builds great companies across the world. That probably does not say much, but our job is the coolest: to build companies, which is what we really love to do. We are passionate about the journey, the opportunity and in particular the people that we get to build companies with.

We started this journey of building companies in Nova Founders Capital just 5 years ago (we did it for a bunch of years in other companies before) and its gone pretty well. Today we have over 500 employees across our companies, offices in 13 markets, investors that include e.g. Goldman Sachs, Alibaba and the World Bank and have created some of the highest returns in the industry.

Our goal over the next 10 years is to continue to build amazing companies and this is where you come in. To build a company, we need three things

1) An amazing undiscovered business model (those are surprisingly easy to find)
2) Capital (never easy, but we have some amazing investors, some of which you see above)
3) Great people (now this is the hard part and where we need your help)

We are looking for a Recruitment Manager to join us at Nova Founders Capital in London to come in and develop our Recruitment function (and talent development when you have capacity), working together with our partners. Your role will be to develop, put in place and execute on the process of finding and hiring the best talents for our current and future companies. This means both the people that can run our companies today, but also those talents that we train and mentor so that they can run our companies in 5 years.

Your role as a Recruitment Manager is to be:

Responsible for developing and implementing processes from the start of the search until the candidate has joined
Responsible for discovering and challenging our partners and CEOs on their recruiting needs and then documenting what we are looking for each role
Running the searches for those roles (some searches you do yourself and for most searches you can use an agency – we own one)
Screening candidates and conducting interviews, to figure out who fits our company and which roles (this will require that you really get into the role, our minds and culture)
Building out our recruitment pipeline, so that we are always discovering and building connections with new talents (we always have space for another great candidate)
Developing our interview guides and educating our team on how we become better at assessing and hiring the best people
And if possible, but not a must, think through how we can bring together and develop our current and future CEOs, that are working with us

Your profile
Ideally, you have 5-7 years of experience in recruitment from a mix between a structured research background from a top executive search firm or consulting firms, followed by some more hands-on experience, maybe in a start-up where you had to implement processes and tools
Experience in conducting interviews, assessing people and getting them excited about a role and company
Experience with international recruiting
You are amazing with people, with a natural talent for attracting people and making them feel comfortable – you love to learn and grow, and curious about people, background and cultures
You are ambitious, love a fast environment, have a high work ethic and energy
Experience with building pipeline is a plus
EU work permit is, unfortunately, a must, and either you live in London or want to move here

To apply, please email us on as soon as possible, with your resume and short application on why you would be perfect for this role. We really look forward to getting to know you.

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