Internship at Katrium

We are a Finnish company called Katrium OÜ and we offer extensive internship opportunities suitable especially for students of the International Business field.

Katrium is focused on international outsourcing, market research and consulting services. The company’s office is located in Tallinn, Estonia, but as Katrium is an international company the main language of communication is English.

During their internship students will gain valuable experience in the consulting industry, learn how to work with clients and receive extended practical knowledge of market research.

The fact that Katrium is still a growing company is certainly an advantage for interns. The amount of responsibilities given to interns is much higher than giant market players usually offer, as well as the offered tasks will be versatile and challenging. Among those will be the

• Market research tasks: project management, data collection, HR, etc.
• Versatile marketing tasks: creating marketing materials, updating our Social Media platforms, etc.
• Conducting diverse registers and databases • Customer Service • General office tasks • Translations

Furthermore, Katrium offers:

• A pleasant working environment and a youthful team of highly motivated and friendly employees • A local phone subscription + free public transport • Help in finding accommodation

You can apply for autumn/winter 2018-2019 now. Send your CV and application to:

We are eagerly waiting for you to join our international team!

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