Graduate Programme- Yara International

We at Yara are part of a global network, collaborating to profitably and responsibly solve some of the world’s key challenges – resource scarcity, food insecurity and environmental change.

About the Unit

Yara International ASA is a global company operating in 160 countries, the world’s leading fertilizer company and a provider of environmental solutions.  To help us fulfill our mission of responsibly feeding the world and protecting the planet we are actively recruiting young talents into our HQ in Oslo. 

We are proud to offer a diverse and inclusive work environment. Today we are more than 45 different nationalities at our HQ, working together with purpose. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your business acumen, grow your professional skillset and build a career in one of Norway’s leading global companies.  

We offer multiple different career tracks- You can apply directly at

Join us and contribute to helping solve some of the world’s major challenges.

Roles available within

  • Global HSEQ
  • Supply Chain
  • Global Supply Chain Operations & Product Management
  • Finance- Global Plants and Operational Excellence
  • Digital Operations
  • Finance & Corporate Development
  • Crop Knowledge & Agronomy
  • IT


•    Student graduating in 2021 
•    Area of study relevant to the role you are applying for

•    Structured, analytical and strong data skills  
•    Ability to plan, manage and execute tasks
•    Fluency in English –verbal/written  
•    Excellent academic results  
•    Proactive and with an ability to take initiative  
•    Someone who thrives in an international/ multi-cultural environment  

Additional Information

What do we offer? 

  • An opportunity to develop a career within Yara International
  • Friendly colleagues and a diverse & inclusive working environment 
  • Exposure to different functions and management at our Head Office 
  • Possibilities for rotations within different functions
  • Development & Mentoring from a higher-level manager at our Head Office 
  • Graduate network and social activities aimed at young professionals  
  • Competitive salary & benefits package 
  • Work life balance 

*To evaluate your application please ensure you enclose a copy of your Grade Transcripts/ Cover Letter & CV

Join us online from 12-3pm on March 2nd for an interactive online career event. Your chance to find out more about Yara through a corporate presentation, meet our employees and ask questions.

Knowledge grows through differences
At Yara, we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only the right thing but also the smart thing to do. Yara has firmly anchored diversity and inclusion (D&I) as one of our top 7 strategic actions and has 400+ employees worldwide involved in D&I ambassador network

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